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Riley Howlett

Level 9

Riley Howlett was born on August 16, 2004. She is in 9th grade and will graduate from Temple City High School in 2022. Riley trains 25.5 hours every week under the coaches Toni Angelova and Fernando Villa at West Coast Elite Gymnastics in Arcadia California. Riley is planning to compete level 9 in the 2019 season. Riley aspires to go to college and graduate with a major in sports medicine while pursuing her dream of gymnastics as well.

  Skills competed last season In-Training
Vault Front handspring front tuck



Half pirouette to shoot over

Free hip handstand to double tuck dismount



Front handspring to back handspring

Back tuck to split jump

Switch leap to double stag jump

Cart wheel gainer layout full dismount

Wolf full turn


Back handspring back handspring

Wolf 1 1/2 turn

Switch leap split jump half


Front layout to front layout full

Switch side to popa

Front pike to front pike

Wolf full turn

Round off layout double full

Double back

Pike to popa


Major Achievements
2016 Level 8 State: Vault 1st, Beam 1st
2016 Level 8 Regionals: Vault 1st, Beam 1st

Competition Results

Riley's Gymnastics Recruiting Instagram


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