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Dress Code

Crazy Crabs (Preschool) & Lively Lobsters (Beginner)

Girls and Boys can wear any form of flexible clothing that is absent of hoods, skirts, snaps, buttons and zippers.  It is recommended that girls wear a gymnastics leotard as it would enable the greatest amount of mobility.  Boys should wear shorts and a T-shirt that will stay tucked in. 

Clothing that is overly loose and baggy can make it more difficult for the child to perform certain skills and for the instructors to spot your child. Long hair must be in a ponytail.  Avoid anything that is hard on their head.

Bare feet are required and no jewelry can be worn.

Electric Eels (Intermediate) & Super Starfish (Advanced)

Gymnasts should wear gymnastics leotards and may be accompanied by biking or running shorts.  Hair must be tied in a ponytail. 

Bare feet are required and no jewelry can be worn during class.

Tumbling Tides (Beginning - Advanced)

Tumblers should wear form fitting athletic wear without hoods, skirts, zippers, snaps or buttons.  Long hair must be up in ponytails and please do not use scrunchies or holders with hard pieces.  Overly baggy clothing, mid drift shirts or jewelry including cloth bracelets, anklets, or chokers will not be permitted.

Bare feet are required and no jewelry can be worn.
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