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Caylee Kolb

Level 10

Caylee Kolb was born on February 26, 2002. She will be in 11th grade and will graduate from La Cañada High School in 2020. She currently holds a 4.45 GPA, and is a part of French Club, and Operation Walk. Last season, Caylee competed Level 10.

  Skills competed last season In-Training
Vault Yurchenko layout Yurchenko layout full

Toe Hecht

Free hip to swing half to shoot over

Blind change full to double back dismount


Full out dismount


Full turn

Switch leap to switch half

Back handspring to back layout step out

Back handspring to side gainer layout full dismount

Straddle jump 3/4

Side somi

Side aerial to back tuck full dismount


Double pike

front layout to front layout

Back layout 1 1/2 to punch front layout

Double turn

Switch half to pop


Front layout to front layout full

Major Achievements

2015 Level 8 Regionals: Vault 5th, Bars 5th, Beam 5th, Floor 4th, AA 4th
2016 Level 9 Regionals: Bars 8th, Floor 7th, AA 12th
2016 Westerns 1stAlternate
2017 Level 9 State: Vault 4th, Bars 1st, Beam 3rd, Floor 3rd, AA 2nd
2017 Level 9 Regionals: Vault 3rd, Beam 2nd, Floor 1st, AA 7th
2017 Westerns: Bars 8th, Beam 8th, Floor 4th, AA 4th

2017 Summer Training
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